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Holiday Gift Guide No. 3 - For the Future Boss

Do you know someone who's more motivated to be his own boss than you are to take out the garbage? Someone who never sleeps, eats out of a box, and has pockets full of napkins scribbled with big ideas? Is his dream to stand on the carpet of Shark Tank and take a beating from Mr. Wonderful? If so, you've got an entrepreneur on your list. But don't worry, I know this type very well and I have a few gift ideas I think he'll love!


Because he's a grown-up now and a hoodie just won't do. Trust us, entrepreneur fashion is a thing and it falls somewhere between business casual and is this t-shirt clean? He can throw on this unstructured wool and mohair blend blazer from ACNE STUDIOS over a (clean) tee and jeans and look as smart as he is. Can you say "we have a deal"? $630.00


V.5, Downtown Red was inspired by the warm earthy red color of lower Manhattan. This is where the city was born and walking those streets, I always felt a sense of awe for the sheer grit of the men and women who built this new urban home, brick by brick. Downton Red is a tribute to all those early entrepreneurs and to all of those to follow. $1,185.00


If he wants to be his own boss, it's time to ditch the college backpack and upgrade to a more professional look. A messenger bag is a great way to carry a laptop, draft #28 of his business plan, the latest Entrepreneur magazine, and all those scribbled napkins. We love this bag for its clean, classic design and Morrocan tanned leather. $295.00


Because first impressions mean everything, even when they happen during a video conference. This lighting kit includes everything he'll need to look his best when the camera turns on. So he can zoom, conference, create or just look good for mom. $99.00


There's a reason the game of Monopoly has been around for over a century. Loved by entrepreneurs and leaders around the world, this fast-dealing property trading game has one ultimate goal - to kill the competition and make every other player on the board go bankrupt. What better way to nurture the killer instinct? $349.00


I love the idea of gifting a magazine subscription because he'll get a monthly reminder of how much you support his big dreams. Whether you choose the print or digital version, or both, Entrepreneur Magazine has all the tips and tools he will need, plus plenty of motivational success stories to inspire him on his journey. $10.99/YR


OK, hear me out. I don't normally go in for snake oil cures. BUT, these light therapy glasses use a scientifically proven technique backed by NASA and have won a bunch of awards! By wearing these stealthy looking goggles for just 25 minutes a day you can improve your sleep, reset your circadian rhythm, and boost your energy. Your entrepreneur will sleep like a baby, which will come in handy when his alarm goes off at 4:00 am! No more lying awake at night thinking about all the work ahead to launch that new widget! $228


If he has a T-Shirt that says Robert, Lori, Kevin, Damon, and Mark, he binge-watches Shark Tank. If you're still stuck for gift ideas, check out all the products that ever got a deal from one of the sharks. Our favorites include the Swoveralls and the Neuro Energy Gum $ Varies

Oh yeah, whenever he needs a little extra inspiration, just play him this.

We hope you found this guide helpful, interesting, or at least amusing, whether you have a future shark on your list or are just looking for ideas for yourself. I know I'm going to grab those Light Therapy Glasses because hey, who couldn't use a little help sleeping these days!

Wishing you the happiest holiday season,

Marcella and Stephen

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