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Inspiration - Dress Blues

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Stella Felix V1 - Dress Blues

Dress Blues was the first version I designed and so epitomizes the whole aesthetic of Stella, which above all else, is inspired by the people who roam the streets of New York. New Yorkers have been called many things - impatient, arrogant, dismissive, friendly, polite... the list goes on and is as contradictory as asking for ketchup on your hot dog at Katz's Deli. We may very well be some, all or none of these things. But the one thing most people will agree on is that New Yorkers know about style. 

The stereotype is that we all dress the same, in some iteration of black garb with a wool beanie and a solid pair of walking shoes. Maybe, but if you closely you'll see a variety of distinct styles about town. The Wall Street power crowd in slim-cut blue suits. The uptown squad's smart and slightly brash tailoring (throw in a playful pocket square for bonus points). Venture to the outer borough of Brooklyn to experience the sophisticated disheveled look of the blasé hipster (facial hair optional).

The one common element you will find is that a New Yorker loves a good accessory more than a bagel with cream cheese. And when it comes to their watch, "smart" means stylish, not a step counter.

Dress Blues is the timepiece that works for every crowd, New Yorker or not. Its classic linen dial has an air of boardroom formality while the denim blue coloring gives it the casual vibe of the creative studio. With the brushed and polished stainless steel case and black PVD case body it acknowledges the art of "layering" without being showy.  It's the perfect yin and yang of style, both sophisticated and cool, not matter where you hang out.

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