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Inspiration - Gotham Gold

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Stella Felix V6 - Gotham Gold

As a watch designer, I am often asked where my inspiration comes from. Sometimes it's an easy answer but more often than not, I have a hard time explaining my vision. Usually because it doesn't come from one specific thing that's easily interpreted, like a race car or a vintage airplane. But when I open up my mind creatively, I can find inspiration in more or less everything around me. I know saying Stella Watches are "inspired by New York" sounds as broad of a statement as "I like food". But there are certain things about New York that are inherent to this city and they become part of the fabric, whether you notice them every day or not. So in a short series, I would like to share with you at least a part of my inspiration behind Stella Watches, starting with Gotham Gold.

As we were in the stages of developing Stella, there was one beautiful winter afternoon when I stepped out of work on 5th avenue. It was one of those days that would momentarily blind you if you looked toward the Hudson as the sun was setting low in the sky. Glancing up, I saw the Empire State Building bathed in golden halo as the sun reflected back on itself. "That's Gotham Gold", I said to the crowded street, although I knew - in a typical NY kind of way - that no one was really listening. Which made the moment even better.

That warm golden light is now reflected in the cream linen dial texture, the gilt hands and indices, and the champagne case body of V. 6 - Gotham Gold. The smooth full-grain leather strap in tobacco takes it from an uptown day at The Met to happy hour at McSorley's.


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