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Inspiration - Grand Central Silver

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Stella Felix V4 - Grand Central Silver

There is a part of the city that is so vast it could be considered the 6th borough if it had its own area code. Beneath the streets and buildings, there is 872 miles of track that can move you from southern Brooklyn to the north Bronx for less than a late-night latte. This underground world we simply call “The Subway” is a place alive with the sights and sounds of urbanity. New York has been called a melting pot since it first opened its doors to European colonists in its early days. Now it’s the home to over 1000 cultures and more than 800 languages from all over the world and if you want to get a good sampling of this alphabet soup, look no further than the NY subway. On any given train, regardless of time or direction, you will find a mix of cultures greater than the UN General Assembly. There is no segregation of race, religion or class. In the underground world, the Wall Street broker and the Halal truck operator pay the same $2.75 to share a public space devoid of status or distinction, jammed into the same cars, fighting for the same seats or strap to hold steady. And in this mélange there is a camaraderie, a sense of “we're all in this together” and “please pray the train doesn’t stop” kind of vibe that binds us all together. There are the unspoken rules that everyone follows, like “don’t make eye contact” and “all touching is strictly taboo, even on a crowded train”, and these rules help keep the sanity in an otherwise chaotic mesh of humans. In many ways, it is a true microcosm of what it means to live in a democracy. Grand Central Silver is inspired by the majestic train station located east of Times Square on 42nd St. but the slightly metallic silver hue is in honor of all the trains and the stations and the five and a half million people who ride them underground every day.

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